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What people are saying

“It was very useful and interesting. There are no improvements I can suggest as the presenter was actually engaging. I usually dose off or daydream, but his jokes and humour got me to concentrate.”

- Student, Bukit Batok Secondary School

What people are saying

“The speaker was amazing and after speaking with my son, the presentation obviously had the same impact on the students as it did the parents. All students could benefit from this type of programme and I believe there is a lot of value in all secondary school students being given such an opportunity.” 

- Parent, Australian International School

What people are saying

There are really no improvements that I can suggest. The presenter was engaging and the students look up to him as a role model to learn from. Elevate was highly receptive of feedback and always took the initiative to come up with materials tailor-made for students. Materials developed by the company are detailed, practical and multi-modal - which makes them easy to use for teachers and students alike. Keep up the good work! Thank you.

- Teacher, Dunearn Secondary School

What people are saying

“This was the best programme I’ve attended in Secondary School. I learned how to take clear and effective notes which will help me understand concepts better. For the first time ever, I feel I can do well in my upcoming examinations.”

- Student, Boon Lay Secondary School

What people are saying

Excellent – I need to focus on dealing with procrastination rather than stopping it. The seminar was perfect and I hope he comes back often!

- Student, Woodlands Secondary School

What people are saying

Very well conducted and I understood what the presenter was trying to bring across. I learned skills like how tow rite relevant notes without spending too much time.

- Student, Commonwealth Secondary School
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